[Translate to French:] Vapiano for at home

[Translate to French:] For a piece of Vapiano in your home. All products from our collection can be obtained directly at your Vapiano. To buy or to redeem for your valuable People Scores.

[Translate to French:] Pasta Bowl

Our typical Vapiano pasta bowl stages all your favourite dishes at home.

[Translate to French:] Olive Oil

Perfect to refine cold and hot dishes: our exclusive olive oil from Spain

[Translate to French:] Olive Oil Spices

Our fine spice mixture with basil, dried tomatoes, rock salt and orange zest turns olive oil into a delicious dip.

[Translate to French:] Chili Flakes

Our pure chili flakes render your favourite dish fiery and spicy and provide it with a savoury note.

[Translate to French:] Pizza Herbs

Our pizza herbs with dried tomatoes, oregano, red pepper, onions and rock salt provide your favourite pizza and antipasti with a typical Mediterranean aroma.

[Translate to French:] Olive oil spice, chili flakes, pizza herbs

Our spices as a set: for an unmistakable Mediterranean aroma.

[Translate to French:] Basil Garden

Cultivate your own basil! Simply open, water, cultivate and enjoy.

[Translate to French:] Illy Coffee Can

The nine best pure Arabica types in one can. Full-bodied and chocolaty roasting, sweet and flowery, with an unmistakable crema.

[Translate to French:] Vapiano Home Cups

[Translate to French:] Vapiano Home Cups. Available only at Vapiano and only in the respective city.

[Translate to French:] Vapiano Finder

Find your next Vapiano

[Translate to French:] Vapiano People. A community for foodies.

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