[Translate to French:] Cappuccino

[Translate to French:] A strong espresso with freshly steamed milk from our original La Cimbali.

[Translate to French:] Espresso

[Translate to French:] Small, black and with perfect crema. Is simply part of every meal.

[Translate to French:] LATTE MACCHIATO

[Translate to French:] This is what Saturday afternoons taste like… with a lot of cream to spoon and enjoy!

[Translate to French:] Our Coffee

[Translate to French:] Three things distinguish all our delicious coffee specialities: A rich aroma, a full body and a harmonious taste. And that’s not happening by accident. When we select the right coffee, only the best Arabica beans are good enough for us. And our Baristas are supported in the preparation of your coffee speciality by our coffee machine: an original La Cimbali.

It is manufactured near Milan and has been the epitome of Italian coffee machines since 1912. From the first to the last cup it produces a constant pressure at a constant temperature – and hence a perfect crema.

[Translate to French:] Information about allergens and additives can be found here. A list can also be consulted directly at the cash desk or at the cooking stations.